The OCKHAM Initiative seeks to promote the development of digital libraries via collaboration between librarians and digital library researchers. By promoting simple, open approaches and standards for digital library tools, services, and content, the gap between digital library development and the adoption of digital library systems by the traditional library community will be bridged.

To this end, the OCKHAM Initiative received a $425K grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a network of services that will improve the deployability of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) in traditional libraries. This grant will produce the initial OCKHAM Network - a suite of interoperable digital library services for use by traditional libraries. See the grant proposal for complete details.If a medical career appeals to you,CNA classes in Alabama may very well be for you! In as little as four to six weeks, one can complete either a web-based or classroom-based class, and take your state's certification exam for your opportunity to be recognized as a Nurse Aide.